Second review of The War of the First Day!

Stuart Aken has reviewed The War of the First Day and he gave it 5 out of 5 stars!

Stuart’s link (sans stars) is here:
The War of the First Day, by Thomas Fleet, Reviewed.

Stuart’s review at Amazon is here.

Some excerpts:

The War of the First Day, by Thomas Fleet, Reviewed

Fantasy with a difference, this novel, set in a world of witchcraft, is remarkable for its language and surprising use of logic. The story is told through the first person point of view of an aspirant witch caught up in a civil war among her sisters. There is the usual fantasy ingredient, essential to my mind, of good versus evil, but this is modified by the clever characterisation that depicts the good witches as flawed. No one here is perfect…

Regarding the characters, I found them all, mostly women, to be utterly credible in terms of their personalities even though their actual existence is, of course, entirely fanciful. They are drawn with consistency and made real by their desires, hopes, dreams and mistakes. …I forgot this book had been written by a male author as I was so immersed in the world described by the female protagonist that she became very ‘real’ to me…

Having not read a book similar to this, I can’t compare it with another. But I can say I enjoyed it and I’m sure many readers of fantasy will discover this is a good read. It isn’t a book that fits easily into a subgenre, and that suits me fine.