Thomas Fleet was born during a snowstorm in Tibet while his parents were smuggling yaks and dodging armed agents of the Endangered Species Kinetic Task Force. Luckily, their tracks in the snow were mixed with those of a fedora-sporting archeologist and a hard-drinking US expatriate bartender chick, and the ESKTF agents lost them.

Fleet writes fiction, principally fantasy, on the grounds that fantasy allows magic, and therefore has the largest scope for writers. That’s the official story, but it’s only half the truth. The other half is that fantasy is fun. His main goal is to tell good stories. Another goal is to occasionally surprise the reader with beauty. Another is sort of the opposite of that, to out-Tarantino Quentin Tarantino. Regarding that last, a bank heist attempted by thieves drunk on magical wine, so they can pay for their unicorn friend’s project to build a doomsday device, is about right. Especially if it takes place during an earthquake.

He can be reached at tfleet [located at] thomasfleet.com.

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